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All Z.Hound products are manufactured locally, in Brisbane, and we're proud of it

Z.Hound is the brainchild and creative outlet of two designers [Zita and Liane] whom have an appreciation for simple, classic fashion, and an affinity with beautiful, luxury materials.

Operating out of a small leather workshop in Brisbane, all Z.Hound products are handmade-to-order.

Custom design requests [sizes, colours, design tweaks] are welcomed - let us make you the perfect leather accessory.

Our vision is to produce simple and classic luxury accessories with an attainable price point. 

Z.Hound leather assets are made to grow with you, experience your moments and through a wonderful leather patina - share your memories.

Our Debut Collection avoids trend-based design and focuses on versatility and simplicity to complement every outfit.

In future, Z.Hound's operation will become a stable local manufacturing business, focusing on thoughtful design and material processes.

We are proud to be a part of Brisbane's thriving creative business community.



Zita and Liane, Co-Directors and Founders of Z.Hound
Who is Zita?
One half of the intrepid team at Z.HOUND (born 2 years ago)
to one friend: ‘that crazy hungarian’ party girl
an adoring besotted mother to a beautiful daughter
a hugely disruptive individual at Design Gallery (owner of another business est. 1995)
an absolute lover of CHANGE (does not sit still ever)
follower of style BORN of simplicity
believer of the unadorned to be truly beautiful
a newly minted co designer of leather goods
passionate advocate for a meaningful life participation for all
someone who never follows a recipe exactly
a (legal) refugee (1978) thanks to Mr Fraser
someone whose attitude is always to DO THE RIGHT THING
one who adores animals (will cry seeing an elephant) - anecdote Daughter (aged 3) ‘Mama do you love me as much as Zob?” (Zob Rottweiler aged 6)
harbourer of guilty pleasures:  australian politics and reading The Australian
in awe of amazing architecture (ancient to ultra modern) never enough churches !
a child of a little village called Bazakerettye - still there daily with mum and dad in thought... but her heart in small parts also belongs to Bribie Island / Brisbane / Budapest / Melbourne / Paris / Falls Creek
full of admiration of qualities : proactivity, organisation and problem solving
full of admiration of people : husband David, staff at DG, loving friends and family, the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Warren Mundine, Andrew Forrest, Noel Pearson (and others)
never but always serious
has confidence that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to
fond of : snow skiing, dance, hungarian poetry, reading,  movies (anything touched by Clint Eastwood particularly)
lives by a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”
Who is Liane?
One half of Z.Hound, the unstoppable duo! [Since 2012]
Full-time student at QUT completing a Bachelor of Design majoring in Interior Design [since 2013]
Junior Interior Designer at Design Gallery
is dedicated, aspirational, loving.
is a compulsive perfectionist and problem solver by nature
Seeks to find the beauty within everything
Wouldn’t be half the person she is without Zita; her mentor and partner in crime.
Adores all patina and well-loved objects/places/people [and the stories they may tell]
is a coffee & tea fiend
Adores her family and friends, is truly grateful for such wonderful company
Craves good conversation and likes to be taught things
Believes in: equality, honesty, integrity, creation, finding balance, enjoying each moment.
Admires: A great vocabulary, sophisticated style, those who dare to be different, courage and confidence.
is always dreaming, searching for new adventures
Smiles at strangers
is a twin and a 90’s child
continuously seeking self-improvement and finding new challenges/opportunities for growth and knowledge
Enjoys: film photography, crafternoon, road trips, DIY, obscure films, yoga, fine dining, lipstick.
Can’t live without: music, love, fruit and vegetables!
Has always called Brisbane home [and absolutely adores this city]
Most fond of this quote: “A thousand dreams within me softly burn”  ― Arthur Rimbaud