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From the moment we begin crafting, each item is given much care and attention to ensure the final result is the best it can be, just for you. To remain that way, your leather asset needs some special TLC [tender love & care] every now and then.


Leather is a natural material and with age [and use] it will gain a patina [it can stretch, soften, harden, wrinkle just like your own skin]. To make sure your leather asset remains lovely, pay it the attention it deserves. Some leathers are more prone to damage, especially the soft and supple, so please take care when using your Z.Hound item.

General Leather Care Rules
No H20 - Do not let your leather get wet.
Colour sponge - Leather will absorb colours and dyes! Avoid pens and markers and be careful when accessorising dark clothing with light-coloured leather.
Deflatable - Leather can be punctured by pointy objects, and the hole will be permanent. Take extra care if your product has metal studs and don't allow the studs to rest against the leather in storage. 
Anti Ageing - Leather is skin, so treat it just the same way your treat your own [except less often]. Clean & moisturise it for long lasting beauty.
Feeling Smothered? - Too much cleaning or over application of product can damage leather.
Don't get it sweaty - Leather will sweat in hot conditions, always keep in a cool, dry place.
Home, sweet, home - store your leather asset in your Z.Hound pouch. 


Protect  |  Clean  |  Moisturise

There are numerous leather-care products available online or you can try a shoe repair store. 
We suggest you get your hands on a protector, a cleaner and a conditioner. It will be worth it.


IF YOU CLEAN YOU MUST CONDITION   Only ever clean areas that require it - the less chemicals you use on your leather, the better. After cleaning a conditioner MUST be used! Cleaners remove dirt but they also remove some of the moisture and oils from the leather, so a conditioner must be applied to help replenish what the cleaner removed.


TESTING & APPLICATION   Now, [before smothering it all over your handbag] test ALL products on any inconspicuous area. There are many various types of leathers and leather dyes, and the colours may run or your leather could be damaged by the product :(

Don't get it sweaty - Leather will sweat in hot conditions, always keep in a cool, dry place.

We are happy to send you a piece of leather for testing purposes :) just contact us with your request.


HARDWARE  Our hardware is specially coated for protection, but it may still be damaged or scratched if mistreated. Please be careful. When applying leather care products you must cover all metal hardware [chain, eyelets, studs, etc.] or be extra careful in those areas to make sure no care product is applied to them. The hardware may be cleaned with a soft cloth. If your bag features stud detailing please be careful when wearing your bag around small children. Read our hazard disclaimer below. 


WHITES & BEIGES  Lighter coloured leather is sometimes vulnerable to colour damage [more so than darker leathers]. Dyes from your clothing may transfer into the leather, so be careful when accessorising.


METALLIC LEATHERS  Specialty leathers are more vunerable than regular leathers and extra care must be taken to retain the original finish. Metallic leathers and patent leathers with a high shine have special coatings that may be damaged or removed if scratched. It is very important to test any leather care products before use.


STORAGE  It's a good idea to clean and moisturise your leather asset before storage [so it's not just sitting there absorbing any surface dirt and marks]. Store your bag in your Z.Hound pouch, or a soft breathable bag - NOT plastic. Never Plastic. No.



Some of our bags contain small parts not suitable for children, please read our disclaimer below. 


WARNING CHOKING HAZARD – Not suitable for children under 3 years. Adult Supervision Required.

Disclaimer: some of our products contain small items that may pose a choking hazard if they become detached from the product. We recommend the provision of adult supervision when children are handling the product. In the event of any loss, injury or damage to person or property being incurred in relation to the purchase and use of any products within our range, Z.Hound, accepts no liability or responsibility of such should there have been non-compliance to any stated recommendations as above. This includes age recommendations, observation of choking hazard warnings, adult supervision, and the use of adult discretion in determining the overall suitability of any product to the intended child/children.

All Z.Hound products are sold with the intention that they will only be used for their sole intended use. In the event of any loss, injury or damage to person or property as a result of the misuse of any product, Z.Hound, accepts no liability or responsibility.