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★ ★ ★ ★ ★   We endeavour to create five-star quality leather assets.

All orders have a processing time-frame of 5 weeks.

We will try our best to get your leather asset in your arms as soon as possible. Certain circumstances out of our control may cause a delay with your order, but we will keep in touch with you throughout the manufacture process, so please keep an eye out for our emails.

Once an order is placed, we begin crafting. To give you an insight into the process, we start with the most important ingredient - the leather; a flawless area is selected from a hide. It's marked, cut, punched, clamped & sewn along with the velvet. The hardware is installed and the handbag is quality checked for imperfections. Lastly, it's given a unique Z-Code and packaged into it's storage pouch and handed over to the mailman, on it's way to you.



This isn't a quick process, we take our time to create quality.



Can I make custom alterations to my handbag order?

It takes a lot of time and thought to create and perfect our patterns to produce a beautiful handbag. Therefore, large alterations to our current designs are not possible in a small time-frame. But if you would like to request a minor alteration for e.g. a shorter handle, a custom stud pattern, or a particular sized insert we would be happy to discuss it with you.


Why do you have inserts?

One major thing on our list of 'handbag pet hates' was the weakness of bag linings. If you've had a few handbags before you've probably experienced the dilemma when the lining tears and you lose everything into the black abyss between your lining and the outer bag layer. Our design solutions means the lining is never under stress and there's little chance of it tearing. We've also splurged on the material and sourced commercial-grade velvet [created for upholstery]. 



This ring is an O- shaped ring with a hinged spring opening. The insert pouch is attached to this ring inside the bag so it's easy to locate.




How many inserts will I need?

As many as you like! If you love having multiple compartments in your handbag, then go crazy on the inserts! We are currently designing different inserts for specific items, there are 2 sizes available now, the Mii and the Vond handbags come with 1 insert included. 


Can you custom make my dream bag?

We are eager to know what your dream handbag looks like, so please send us a list of what you've always wanted in a handbag or thoughts about how to improve our current range! We will consider all ideas in the creation of our future ranges or upgrades to our existing designs.


Do you have a return policy?

Yes -> Return Policy


Can I see the bags before I order?

We would be happy to provide you with more images if you are unsure about particular details of our collection. Contact us with your questions and requests.

If you are located in Brisbane you may request an appointment to visit our studio workshop. Please be aware: we may not have any stock of the item you wish to see or we may politely decline your request if we are too busy for visitors. To request an appointment at Z.Hound HQ contact us.


Do you sell internationally?

Of course! We gladly ship to all countries except the U.S. and Canada [sorry!].

Contact us if you have any questions

Happy shopping X