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We have tried our best to convey the size, material and quality of our products as accurately as possible but if you are unsure about any of the items in our online store please contact us! We are happy to answer any questions and can provide additional images of the designs prior to purchase, so that you can make your order without any doubt.

If you're not happy then neither are we!
Just incase things don't go quite the way we all expected, we have the following return policies for our online customers.

The following conditions apply to all returns
It is part of our terms of sale that you have read and understood all of our store policies. Please make yourself aware of the conditions under which you have the right to a return prior to purchase [ just incase ] .
We don't like to say no but there certain conditions that must be met before we can approve a return [to keep things fair for everyone]. 
  • Return items must be unused and in the original condition that they were received.
  • A proof of purchase must be supplied [for your protection]
  • All packaging, accessories and documents [e.g. Certificate of authenticity] relating to the unwanted/faulty item must be returned with the item, in their original condition.
We cannot approve returns for any items that do not meet the above conditions. If an item is returned to us and is not in it's original condition, or if it is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error OR if item is returned more than 14 days after delivery, we cannot approve your return.
Damage in transit
[Order delivery from Z.Hound to customer] We don't let any items leave our workshop unless they have passed our quality checks. So if your item is damaged when you receive your order then it has most likely been damaged in transit.
If you believe that order has been damaged in transit you must notify us immediately so that we may contact the courier company and fix the issue. Our freight is insured to make sure that your order arrives in the same condition that it left our workshop. In order for us to claim for damage in transit you must notify us as soon as you receive the damaged goods. Certain time limits apply to all claims for damage in transit, therefore if you fail to notify us immediately it makes difficult for us to claim the damages and we may not be able to replace your item.
[Return shipping from customer to Z.Hound] We encourage customers to return items using a trackable shipping service that includes shipping insurance, just incase something happens to the item on it's way back us. We cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item, and unfortunately we cannot replace any goods that have been damaged by yourself or a third party. Better be safe than sorry!


Sometimes these things happen. No hard feelings!

14 Day Return Policy 

We offer our customers a 14 day return policy, so if you don't completely adore your new leather asset you have 14 days to send it back to us.

When does the countdown start?
You have 14 days from the date of delivery, the day after you receive your order is day number 1. [We have tracking to ensure your order is delivered successfully].
If your return application is delayed for reasons due to our fault, your return timeframe will be extended accordingly.
If you apply for a return and do not receive a response from our team within 72 hours contact us immediately. If for some reason [due to technical fault or other] we do not receive your application and you do not contact us, your return may be rejected. We cannot extend the policy timeframe if we fail to receive your application.

Why 14 days?
This is enough time for you to receive your order and ship it back to us if our product isn't what you expected. 
Please note: unless the item is faulty, any return postage costs are paid for by the customer. It is your responsibility to ensure that return postage will be delivered back to us within this timeframe. If you are returning a faulty product please refer to the Consumer Guarantees Information.

What if postage takes longer?
For international customers only [outside of Australia] the return time limit is extended on a case-by-case basis as shipping may take longer than 14 days. 
For domestic customers: It is your responsibility to ensure that return postage will be delivered back to us within this timeframe.

What if my item is a gift?
We are flattered if you want to purchase a Z.Hound bag for a loved one!
The same time limit applies to gift orders. If you have the order shipped directly to the recipient's address please make them aware of this return policy. If you are hand-delivering the gift, the time limit applies from the the date which YOU received the order. We currently do not offer a gift voucher option, but we are very flexible and would be happy to make special arrangements on request, so please contact us.

To apply for a return:
  1. Copy the table below
  2. Paste it into an email
  3. Fill in your return details
  4. Send it to us at hello @ z-hound.com (without the spaces) [click here to email us]
  5. Please wait for our instructions before you post your return back to us!  

Hi Z.Hound,

I would like to apply for a return.

  Thank you.

What happens next?
We will respond as soon as possible with return instructions. Please check your email regularly.
You will receive an email notification once your returned item has arrived at Z.Hound.
Our team will inspect the return and if it meets the policy conditions you will be approved for a refund or store credit. If for some reason your return is not approved we will contact you to discuss your situation. Please be aware of our policies prior to purchase to avoid disappointment.
Return options
If your return is approved, you will be eligible for a full refund or store credit.
Refunds will be processed via the original method of payment, unless an alternative method is specified.
Store credits will be applied to your online account. You must have an account with our online store, or create a new one so that we can assign the credit to the account.
Late or missing refund 
If you fail to receive your refund payment within 14 days please contact your bank or credit card company.
If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us at hello @ z-hound.com [without the spaces].

We are sorry! Please give us a chance to rectify any issues for which we are at fault, we promise to try our best.

Consumer Guarantees

We do the best we can to ensure our products are of high quality, we apologize for any mistakes that might slip through the cracks.
Know your rights! Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees that certain businesses must adhere to. For more information and details about Consumer Guarantees see the ACCC website.

What to do:
If you receive an incorrect order or if the goods are faulty we are sorry! Please contact us at hello @ z-hound.com [without the spaces] as soon as possible so that we can fix it!

You can review the most current version of our Return Policy at any time at this page. 
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of this policy by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our policies before all purchases. Purchase constitutes acceptance of the current policy.
Any questions about our Return Policy should be sent to hello @ z-hound.com [without the spaces].