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19. Nov

The Giving Season

tags: #nye  #xmas

The time has come.

Holy smokes. Better get onto that christmas shopping before the best presents are under somebody else's tree. It's also the time to begin your ingenious wish list hint-dropping techniques, you know, just incase someone wants to buy you something.


If your mega hint-dropping technique involves smothering all of your social media accounts with the things that make you drool then you're in luck!


We know your favourite Z.Hound bag might be on that wish list, so we've made it really easy to share our handbags on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Plus. Just look for the social share buttons on the product page and VOILA! prepare for the best Christmas ever featuring your new leather baby.


For all you crazy last-minute folk, forget about our 5 week creation time frame. Our super thoughtful workshop has crafted up a limited number of selected designs in our debut range, now ready to ship. To find out if you can get your dream handbag in time for christmas or NYE look for this message on the product page:



So don't be shy, or subtle, get down to business and start dropping those hints like a boss.


Thanks to all of our wonderful customers supporting local Australian business this festive season.


p.s. keep an eye on our instagram for another give-away coming soon!